Best Vintage Clothing Websites in Europe
Best Vintage Clothing Websites in Europe

Best Vintage Clothing Websites in Europe


With the welcomed rise of sustainable fashion. We'll do a little break-down of who we think are the best vintage shops around. 


The fashion industry is the third most polluting in the world, and with 95% of the clothing we throw away able to have a second life, we’re on a mission to do just that. If we waste less and recycle more, we can make a lasting impact on the world. Plus, with so many beautiful vintage and secondhand clothes, there’s plenty of choice for a more sustainable wardrobe.



1. HipStore 


HipStore are located in Dublin and ship worldwide. All HipStore items are Grade A and with a focus on Reworked vintage items you can be certain that the quality will be ace. They add 100s of items every week so be sure to check back in regularly do find those vintage gems.



2. Double Double Vintage 


Double Double Vintage  are based in Germany. They focus on rare 90s streetwear & sportswear by Brands like Nike, adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Stussy, Reebok, Puma, Fila, Helly Hansen as well as all kinds of cool sport pieces from the NBA to the NFL. They also have a lot of pieces with popcultural reference including TV shows, Movies, Music and more.

3. True Vintage 


True Vintage is one of the biggest shops in the UK. There have a huge variety of high ticket designer clothes. Brands featured include Burberry, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Nike and more, and you’ll find plenty of classic styles. Items will have a note next to them to say what kind of condition they are in.

4. Beyond Retro 


Beyond Retro is a vintage clothing retailer with shops in the UK and Sweden. They have a large range of styles including tons of lower price items so it's a great place to pick up a bargain. Shop for everything from 90's sportswear, classic Levi's and Wrangler jeans to 70's maxi dresses, vintage Nike sweatshirts and bright 80's knitwear. Plus a whole host of original leather bags, cult trainers and vintage boots.



5. Rokit

Rokit is another leading UK vintage clothing store, Rokit started in 1986 as a stall in London’s Camden Market.

All items are handpicked, and, like Beyond Retro, the website lets you filter by tags like decade, fabric and style – so if you’re looking for a 1980s prom dress, you should be able to find it fairly swiftly. You can also search for particular brands you love.

It covers men’s and women’s fashions, including separates and accessories like belts, bags and shoes. When you’re looking at an item the site will tell you what kind of condition it’s in – mint, excellent, very good, good or fair – to give you an idea of the wear and tear.




Wherever you choose to shop, Shop Slow!!