About HipStore

About HipStore

We're Part of a Movement for Change

HipStore is an ecommerce shop selling Vintage, Reworked and Sustainable streetwear clothing. At HipStore we want to help make ethical and sustainable shopping the new normal. We try our hardest to source the most eco-friendly products to make a difference to our wonderful world. Our shop offers you affordable high-quality products with sustainable fashion that is stunning. You can also get high end brands at a fraction of the price. We can never have enough of nature so why not help our environment and look good at the same time?


Having seen the devastating effects of the conventional and ‘fast fashion’ clothing industry, it is clear we need a positive alternative. This industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, and working conditions are infamous, both in the cotton fields and at the factories. At HipStore we believe in slow fashion, high quality items made to last. Where possible our products are made from organic and recycled materials and produced in a manner that puts the workers and the planet first. Although our impact is small in the bigger picture, it all makes a difference, and we want to do our part!


Sustainable Packaging

The vast majority of our outbound packaging is now 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable.

Some orders may need additional protection, so plastic bubble wrap may be used, larger items may still be delivered in a recycled plastic bag.

Open your package carefully; if you need to return an item you can use it again. Please try and reuse your packaging, if not please recycle – if for whatever reason you can’t most of our packaging will biodegrade.

We are committed to be a carbon neutral company and offset much as much of our a missions as possible by donating to environmental conservation.